Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guest Post: DIY Moroccan Inspired Table

Today my friend Zeena Hamid, mother of two and an avid DIY'er, is sharing her stunning Moroccan inspired table. She wanted a high-end look without the high-end price tag. She definitely achieved it! I'm still in awe at how spectacular this table turned out.


I wanted a Moroccan style coffee table, but the ones I loved were crazy expensive to buy and ship so I picked up a junk table to re-finish. 


Step 1: Sand the table down and prime it. 

 Step 2: Draw on the design. 

 Step 3: Outline the design with a 3-d paint pen (this was in order to give it the tiled look I was going for).

 Step 4: Fill in the outlined design with color (arcylic paint) and the last step was to seal it with a clear varnish.



  2. Zeena, this is amazing. I could not have guessed looking at the picture that this isn't tiled. If I ever get around to doing this for an accent table (coz Im not brave enough to do a whole center table), I will definitely message you for help. And thanks for leading me to this great blog as well.

  3. Brilliant idea, excellent execution!

  4. aw thanks rabeea, and I think you will love this many great ideas displayed here

    btw, 1 thing I didn't mention, if you are doing a patterned piece, it is important to find the center point of the table to make sure everything is balanced and in line. For a circular table, you can find the center point using this method:

  5. LOVE IT! exactly what im look for! question what is a 3d paint pen? I live in the US and cant find it thank you!

  6. Which clear vanish did you use? And how did you do the edges- it looks just like tile.

    Thank you!

  7. sorry I called it a paint pen because I didn't know what it was called. This is the product I used (in silver) it is called a "relief outliner"

    for the varnish I just opted for a spray-on sealer to avoid the risk of having brush strokes over the table. The edges are just the silver relief outliner paint that I've applied over my pencil lines. The paint is thick and does not run, which gives it the raised edge.

  8. Ma'shAllah, this is stunning and didn't realize it was painted vs. using mosaic till the very end, LOVE IT